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We provide quality service and products through motivated employees with specialized expertise in data, video, and voice communication systems that satisfy our customer requirements. StarTech Solutions will continue to maintain high quality communications solutions by providing value to the customers through single or multiple source capabilitiy.


We strive to develop our corporate philosophy base on the ever changing and always evolving commercial markets. To serve these dynamic markets our philosophy and beliefs are in the development of local business sector relationships, partnering with e-business, e-commercial and industrial enterprises. Forming a professional bond with a consortium group of business professionals and entrepreneurs. Always striving for a better tomorrow.



Our goal is to provide expertise for digital/analog key phone and security monitoring camera systems for school districts , government sectors and industrial environments. Our focus also lies with departmental networks that conform the industry standards and provide clients with custom fitted technologies.




StarTech Solutions, LLC.  Is a privately owned fully operational I.T. installation / service contracting company. The company was founded over 20 years ago on January 4th 1993 and we have over twenty five years of experience with the media market, in sales installation / services throughout metro Detroit area. Our services extend throughout some parts of the southeastern / southwestern regional areas outside the state of Michigan.




We’re proud that we were able to assist our home / business owners to become more flexible and efficient by bring them the latest technologies equipment that fit their daily needs. We will continue working extremely hard to initiate a long term business relationship to earn our clients trust, this will be base on integrity, loyalty and a continued commitment to provide each and every client with outstanding service.



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